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When You’ve come to that point

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Tipping point

We’ve made plans before. We’ve made decisions as well. When it was me deciding it wasnt ok. But when it was her it is.

If this is the case i will just go on my own.

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Days and dazed

My constant rants and writing signals a flow of thoughts that I cannot control. I tried to talk it out to a friend today but I felt that she wasn’t willing to listen so I stopped. 

On days when I wake up and feel my chest constrict I try to find ways to ease it off. I try to lean on positive quotes, motivational pep talks from TED and devotions. I surf through the net to see what I can read or watch but often times what I watch or read are just a means to distract myself from reality. 

To some home is their escape from tedious work and tiresome people chatter. To me, home doesn’t feel as comforting anymore.